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The Azores in green and blue shades

The nine islands that form the Azores Archipelago are located in the Atlantic Ocean and scattered over an area of 2 322 km². Known for their natural beauty, the Azores Islands are true treasures for you to discover.

Have an adventure, peacefully enjoy yourself and get inspired in this perfect retreat.

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They are a magnificent work of Mother Nature, which built nine rocks in the vastness of the Atlantic and adorned them with a rare and unique natural beauty.

Here you can stroll through lush, green landscapes, climb dormant volcanoes, walk down to calderas and dive into idyllic lakes, dance with dolphins, live and savor ancient traditions and meet a friendly and welcoming people.

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Waiting to be discovered
São Miguel Island

Discover the largest island of the Azores through its trails and enjoy a contemplative break in its lookouts.

Contemplate the idyllic occupants of imposing calderas, the Fogo and Sete Cidades Lakes; dive in the warm waters of Ferraria, Poça da Dona Beija or Caldeira Velha; in Furnas, relax at the Terra Nostra Garden, enjoy the mineral-medicinal waters of the 30 springs scattered throughout the village, taste the local stew and take a peek at the fumaroles and hot springs; in Nordeste, visit the Tronqueira Mountain Range and, if you hear some chirping, you may be near a Azores bullfinch; while visiting the Vila Franca do Campo Islet, plunge into its natural pool and you will be surprised to learn that you are in the crater of a dormant volcano.

Do not miss the island’s architectural heritage and cultural events and the delicacies of the local cuisine.

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Sea Neighbors

The vast sea that unites the nine islands of the Azores is an unmatched marine ecosystem, featuring a colossal diversity of oceanic and coastal habitats.

In this sea of water, you can visit the depths of the Vernian universe in breathtaking dives during which you will discover fantastic creatures and unique landscapes. Sailing and watching large cetaceans will be an adventure and swimming with dolphins an experience you will want to repeat. Diving and having the opportunity to see sharks and turtles will stimulate your adrenaline. Visiting the rich archaeological sites anchored along the coast of the islands, which are true aquatic museums, or simply witnessing the rituals and attending a concert performed by the seabirds that inhabit the rocky coastline are some of the experiences that you will have the opportunity to enjoy in the Azores.

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Waiting to be discovered
The Wonderful Sete Cidades Lake

Its undeniable beauty led to it being named as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal in the category of Non-marine Aquatic Zones.

A wonderful and breathtaking image is what we get from Vista da Rei, which is perhaps the best lookout over the Sete Cidades Lake. Sheltered at the bottom of a huge crater that is about 5 km in diameter, the Sete Cidades Lake fascinates all of those who see it. Unique for its twin lakes of different colors, which is why they are called Blue and Green Lakes, it is possibly the most visited place of the Azores and has been considered its most iconic image for a long time.

Going down to the bottom of a caldera is always a fascinating experience. Venture out and explore the lakeshore and, when you reach the Bay of Silence, stop, enjoy the scenery and breathe in nature in its purest form.

Take the opportunity and discover other wonders of the village of Sete Cidades.

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